Church Repairs Fundraising Appeal

Post date: Apr 9, 2014 4:34:30 PM

*** THANK YOU! ***

A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who supported St. Mary’s Church Repairs and Restoration Appeal.

In May 2013 we started the Appeal to raise £50,000 and we are pleased to announce that by the end of January 2014 we had raised £52,316.18.

This has enabled the repairs to be completed.

In time we hope to raise sufficient funds to completely redecorate the church and replace the existing lighting.

Once again, many thanks for the tremendous support St. Mary’s has received.

The Appeals Committee

Fundraising Appeal for Repairs to the Chancel, Boiler Room and Vestry at St Mary’s Church,

During the Quinquennial Inspection of our church last year evidence of dry rot was found in certain areas. On further inspection additional damage from wet rot was discovered which also requires attention with the entire project costing an estimated £50000. Because of the urgent nature of the repairs required, work has already started.

The church building is 184 years old serving a village parish of 2000 people and the steeple of St Mary’s Church is a popular landmark being seen for miles around as a symbol of faith on the skyline on the approach to the village.

Through its many activities and relationships within the community, St Mary’s provides a valuable social and community resource which extends beyond the immediate locality. As a presence in the community for over a hundred years, the building provides a valuable focal point for both the congregation and the wide community; a resource that would be unavailable to the community of the building was no longer available as a visible communal presence in the village.

An appeal has been launched to raise the £50000 required to complete the repair and restoration. Fundraising events are being arranged and an Appeal leaflet has been circulated to every family in the parish. The result of this so far is the receipt of almost £26000 from events, donations and grants. With St Mary’s still some £24000 short of the target needed to complete the work any further donations would be most gratefully received. These can be sent to Rev’d Sue Williams at The Vicarage, Church Lane, Mellor, Lancashire, BB2 7JL