Suzanne brings her rabbit to meet the children

Post date: Feb 25, 2010 10:13:25 PM

Another busy day at 'Little Angels'

As the children arrived at our meeting on Tuesday, 23rd February they were ushered to the table where Margaret and Emily encouraged them to colour cards or pictures for Mothering Sunday.

There was just time to play for a short while before we all made our way to the chancel for a short informal assembly on the theme of 'Mummies and Babies'.

As a special treat Suzanne Wiggans showed us the latest addition to their family - a beautiful baby sooty fawn lop eared rabbit called Ted.

Next month we meet on Tuesday, 30th March at 2.15pm in the Narthex when Claire Bridge will be bringing some of her day old chicks and we have our Easter Chocolate Hunt.