Churchyard safety

Post date: Oct 16, 2009 3:47:35 PM

The churchyard memorials were reinspected for safety today as part our Graveyard Memorials Inspection Plan. The report is now posted on the Church Council page. Many memorials still need remedial work (for which the deceased relatives are responsible) and, sadly, one more had to be laid down today. However, several memorials have been repaired/made safe since our last inspection and report, and we would thank those responsible.

Please take care in our churchyard and observe the warning notices.


Please do not lean on or climb any of the gravestones or other memorials, as they could cause serious injury if they were to fall

Please do not approach closely any gravestones/ memorials with warning notices and/or with security tape around them

Maintenance of gravestones, etc. is the responsibility of the deceased’s family

St. Mary’s P.C.C.