1,2,3,4,5 'Little Angels' move on . . . .

Post date: Jun 29, 2011 8:34:50 AM

Tuesday, 28th June was the last meeting for 5 of our children.

Emilia, Ellie, Jay, Owen and Zara had attended the first of their induction meetings at school earlier in the day so it was with some excitement that they welcomed Mrs McPherson and the Foundation Stage Class to 'Little Angels'.

It was lovely to see some of our former 'Little Angels' who had been in school for a year singing to us - what a difference a year in school makes !

Although, I must say that I found myself sitting on the step with the little ones whilst the 'assembly' was taken by Owen, Emilia, Ellie and Zara.

Yes, in the absence or Margaret (who was on a cruise) they introduced the musical welcome and said our little prayer 1,2,3,4,5 Thank you God that I'm alive.

Watch out, Mrs McPherson!

That's it now until September . . .

with thanks to Hilda, Irene and Gillian for their help with refreshments and support.

Rita and Margaret