Photographs & Pottery Painting

Post date: Dec 4, 2010 9:14:15 AM

Another very busy session for our 'Little Angels'!

Richard Jones displayed the patience of a saint as he photographed the children wearing nativity outfits in preparation for the presentation of 'It's all about a baby' - a Nativity for Pre Schoolers we plan to perform on the 14th December.....

Whilst this was going on Janet Slater was encouraging the little ones to paint Christmas Trees and other items to give as presents as well as making foot prints - I don't know what newly baptised Florence made of it all - one minute she was dressed in her lovely Christening Gown lying gurgling at 'Mary', 'Joseph' and the 'Angels', the next she was stripped off and having the soles of her feet painted to print on photograph frames!

watch this website for previews of the pictures.

Next meeting is on Tuesday, 14th December at 2.15pm in the Narthex when we welcome Mrs McPherson and the children from school to sing carols to us.