WHAT IS MAN? - A Lent Course for Men

Post date: Mar 7, 2011 12:18:03 PM

In the first four sessions, the course will look at the place of Man on this planet and some of the responsibilities involved in daily life. Session five considers Man's weakness and mortality (sin,suffering and death) and how they affect our relationship with, and faith in, God. Session six looks at Jesus, the 'Son of Man', and asks what this might mean.The structure of each session is very simple and consists of three parts:

Food for thought, Bible study, and Closing Prayer

The Sessions are:

15th March • What is Man?22nd March • The Image of God? 29th March • Man's responsibilities - work and rest 5th April • Man's responsibilities - money 12th April • Man's weakness and mortality 19th April • The Son of Man We'll meet each week in the bar at the Millstone,

before making our way to the Pleasington Lounge for our meeting

which will begin at 7.30.

We would normally expect to finish at about 9pm.


Pick up the notes for the first session from the back of church