Time to say goodbye

Post date: May 14, 2018 4:47:10 AM

Reverend Doctor John Darch

On Palm Sunday a large congregation attended John's final service at St Mary's before he and his wife, Madge, retire to live in Shropshire.

John has been a regular visitor to Mellor for several years, taking services and being part of the ministry team in the United Benefice. His sermon focused on the many journeys mentioned in the Bible and reminded us of our own journey of faith.

Graham Tipper spoke for us all when he thanked John for his ministry to us, giving him cards of good wishes from many parishioners and Mrs Darch was presented with a bouquet of yellow roses.

Canon John Hartley and

Reverend Roland Nicholson

Easter Sunday marked the last time that Canon John would celebrate Holy Communion in St Mary's Church.

At the request of the Bishop of Blackburn, the Right Reverend Julian Henderson, John and Roland have been asked to step down from officiating at services in the United Benefice, serving on any committees, attending events and having any involvement in school or attending meetings of the Mothers Union etc.

For the past ten years both John and Roland have served the United Benefice faithfully as priests, always available and ready to help in times of need...or joy.

As a mark of our appreciation, they were both given cards signed by many members of the congregation, gifts of wine and vouchers and received a standing ovation from the large congregation.

The statement from the bishop is available for anyone to read and can be found on the notice board in the Narthex of St Mary's church