The Bishop of Blackburn's Primary Visitation

Post date: May 12, 2010 2:04:18 PM

At the Bishop’s Primary Visitation on 11th May at St Mary’s Penwortham, attended by Rev’d Paul Rolfe, the churchwardens and several members of the PCC, Hilda and Graham were formally admitted to their office by the Bishop of Blackburn.

During the service led by the Bishop, assisted by Archdeacon John Hawley and the Leyland Area Dean, Churchwardens were admitted and prayers were also offered for members of Parochial Church Councils.

A presentation made by Canon Sue Penfold titled “A Ministering Church” explained the wider role of the church’s ministry involving both clergy and lay people. This for our parish in Mellor was of particular interest as it included the diocesan collaborative ministry role in which Paul is involved.

A further presentation followed from Bishop Nicholas entitled “All are Called – and some to be ordained” in which he appealed for lay people to present themselves to play a wider role in the ministry in roles such as readers, pastoral assistants and also to consider ordination.

Copies of the latest “Archdeacons’ Visitation News” which include articles on Collaborative Ministry, Stewardship and Health and Safety matters are available in church. Anyone is welcome to take one.