Fun Family Service!

Post date: Jul 21, 2019 10:32:41 AM

Our July family service was full of fun and joy thanks to our youngsters and to Rev David Kennedy. Our young instrumentalists played familiar tunes to open the service and afterwards, and the massed ranks of the Kiddies Choir led the singing of “Bind Us Together” and “You Shall Go Out With Joy” at the end.

Rev David was on top form! For the “Talk” he sought volunteers; selecting two teams of three children, two judges and Jessica, our Rose Queen, as timekeeper. He produced a wastepaper bin and two packets for those little white plastic crosses used for tiling. With a flourish, he tipped the crosses on the aisle carpet and set Team A the task of picking them all up and putting them in the bin against the clock! After a minute, there were only five left so, having tipped the crosses back on the carpet, Team B were set the same challenge but didn’t do quite so well. Instead of declaring Team A winners, Rev David announced that he was going to beat both teams by picking them up in under a minute on his own! He said his age and experience of tidying up meant he knew how to do it better, at which point, he revealed a vacuum cleaner from under a blanket and proceeded to hoover up the crosses! There was much laughter but also some murmurs about cheating! He told the children he wasn’t cheating but using his experience and so they should have asked for his advice to help them pick up the crosses! His closing message was: when you need help with life’s problems - ask Jesus!

Well done Rev David and all the children for such a joyful family service!

Richard Jones