Consecration of the new Bishop of Blackburn ... video interview available now

Post date: Oct 11, 2013 9:59:18 AM

Bishop Julian and the diocese are communicating in new ways! Please take a moment to view the the video interview with Bishop Julian by following the link in the email from Ronnie Semley, the Diocese Communication Manager, reproduced below. You can also keep up to date with other diocesan news by following the links in the email.

From: Communicate <Communicate@Blackburn.Anglican.Org>;


Subject: Consecration of the new Bishop of Blackburn ... video interview available now to play in church

Sent: Wed, Oct 9, 2013 3:51:24 PM

To: All clergy and churchwardens

Dear friend,

As I’m sure you are aware the new Bishop of Blackburn, Julian Henderson, is consecrated at York Minster tomorrow and his inauguration will take place at Blackburn Cathedral on October 19.

Bishop Julian’s arrival is an important moment for the Diocese and will feature across local and regional media; Christian media and possibly national media.

With the ongoing aim in mind of communicating in new ways, the diocese has produced its own ‘introduction video’ featuring an interview with Bishop Julian in which he talks about his faith and his initial thoughts on taking office. This video has been uploaded to a new Diocese YouTube channel, launched today. We would encourage you to get as many people as possible logging on to YouTube to view it.

If your church has broadband then please play the interview for your congregation at your usual services. If broadband isn’t available you can access the Bishop’s interview via Dropbox to download and play independently of YouTube.(*IMPORTANT: Please see more information about this under my sign off below.)

Please also take a moment to link your church website (if you have one) to both the YouTube channel and the Diocese website.

Next week we will also be uploading a series of short one-minute messages of greeting to YouTube from the new Bishop, including one for all churches. Keep a look out a further email about this and please also play that greeting to your congregation during the morning service on October 20.

During the coming weeks you can also keep up to date in other ways in addition to the Diocese Youtube channel and through the media …

· See latest updates and information on the Diocese website

· View all key stories related to Bishop Julian since his announcement in March on this website page

· If you haven’t already done so, please download the ‘my cofe’ app to your smartphone or tablet to access our new Diocese newsfeed

· Watch out too for a special ‘online only’ edition of The See magazine with full coverage of the consecration and inauguration. It will appear here on the Diocese website from October 22. Please also promote this in your churches.

Best regards,


Ronnie Semley Dip. CIPR; MCIPR

Communications Manager

Blackburn Diocese: The Church of England in Lancashire


Call: 01254 50 34 16


Office: First floor office 6,

Church House, Cathedral Close,

Blackburn, BB1 5AA