Post date: Oct 6, 2015 5:13:20 PM

The PCC has a general duty for the safety of the churchyard. To fulfil this, we need to exercise reasonable care, and so must carry out safety inspections of the memorials periodically. We have therefore set up a plan to inspect, and test for stability, the memorial headstones in our churchyard, and a full inspection will commence on Saturday 31st October 2015 at 10.30.

In planning the inspection, we have consulted insurance and Diocesan guidance. Regrettably, memorial headstones found to be in a very dangerous condition may have to be laid down on the grave straight away; whilst others will have warning tape fixed to the memorial headstone and be accompanied by a safety inspection notice.

Maintenance of memorials is the responsibility of the deceased’s family. We will do our best to contact families whose memorials have had to be laid down, or been found to require attention. It will then be up to each family to make arrangements with a Memorial Mason to make their memorial safe.

We are very sorry for any distress this action may cause to families. We are concerned to minimise any upset and that is why we are publicising the inspection in advance. To find out more about the inspection and the need for it, please call Richard Jones on 01254 813418.