Church Fabric Report 2015

Post date: Apr 10, 2016 7:27:33 AM

The Parish Church of St Mary, Mellor

Fabric Report 2015

We reported last year on two major issues: redecoration of the chancel and water ingress in the vestry. Unfortunately, these are still to be resolved:

Firstly, there is disagreement between the paint suppliers and the architects as to the appropriate type of paint to be used in the chancel. Until we receive approval, we are unable to proceed. The possibility of painting all of the interior of the church and renewal of the lighting cannot be considered until the painting of the chancel is agreed.

Secondly, although the leaks apparent on the vestry ceiling may have been rectified, when it rains hard there has been very significant water ingress at the base of the wall beneath the window. Further investigation is needed; therefore, redecoration of the vestry is also on hold.

It has been noted previously that when there are strong winds and heavy rain, there are leaks above the staircase leading to the balcony. We have experienced a lot of heavy rain this winter. There has been a great deal of condensation in various areas of the church. Leaks have been noted above the north gallery and south aisle and even through the arch above the main door, soaking the floor at the entrance.

Following the annual churchyard inspection in October, two gravestones/memorials which were very unstable were laid down. Four still have their warning notices and tapes in place and a number of others require remedial work by the families. The likelihood is that we will have to come to terms with an increasing number of laid flat gravestones. The full inspection report can be found on the church website.

An inspection of the trees in the churchyard was undertaken in the autumn of 2014 by Bowland Tree Consultancy Ltd. Following their report, a specialist firm undertook the issues identified as “urgent”, at a cost of £3,000.

Application was made to the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the creation of a new cremated remains area in the north eastern corner of the graveyard. The DAC requires a Statement of Need and a scale plan. The PCC hopes the Archdeacon may be able to advise on how best to proceed.

March 2016