Blackburn Foodbank

Post date: Nov 9, 2012 5:07:56 PM

The Trussell Trust, a Christian organisation, is asking us to help feed local people in crisis by collecting tinned and dried food for Blackburn Foodbank. They are asking everyone to rally round to give items such as breakfast cereals, pasta sauces, tinned veg, tomatoes, meat, rice and sponge pudding, sugar, UHT milk, fruit juice and pasta.

Statistics show that 29.5% of children in our town of Blackburn live below the poverty line; nationally, 13 million people live in poverty. This time last year many families with two working adults were just getting by, now even a relatively small problem can throw people living on the edge of poverty into crisis. Every day local people are forced to send their children to bed hungry but the good news is that we can be part of the solution.

The Foodbank provides short term emergency food to people in crisis. Food is given as an intervention strategy which allows care professionals, such as Church Pastoral Workers, Health Visitors, Social Services etc, time to put longer term measures in place. Last year, nationally, Foodbanks fed 128,697 people, double that of the previous year. All food given out is donated by generous members of the public.

People are given enough food for 3 days. It will be distributed at the Foodbank Centre in Blackburn which will be open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 2pm.

There will be a Collection Point for donations and copies of suggested “Shopping Lists” in the Church entrance.

For more information, see the notice board in Church or speak to Jim and Sue Saunders.

N.B Please make sure all food is non-perishable, in date and undamaged. Thank you!