Any Questions?

Post date: Dec 17, 2015 10:19:01 AM

“Any Questions?” on 10th and 17th December came from the narthex of St Mary the Virgin, the 19th century parish church serving the picturesque village of Mellor located in the beautiful Ribble Valley. The panel of experts specially assembled for the evenings comprised Sister Sue, Mother Enid and Reverend John Darch. With some trepidation, in the best Dimbleby Brothers’ tradition, they had no advance knowledge of the questions to which they would have to respond. The audience which faced (confronted?) them was not a scientifically balanced representation of all three congregations in the benefice, but they brought some strongly held beliefs as well as their doubts, uncertainties and enquiries.

The wide-ranging barrage of questions was answered clearly and authoritatively by the distinguished panel and with a perhaps not surprising degree of consensus. However, there were clearly some signs of good-humoured disagreement as to whether the recent unsuccessful attempt to have the Lord’s Prayer “trailer” shown in cinemas had been “A Good Idea”. Sister Sue took skilful advantage of her role as chairperson to allow her co-panellists to jump in with both feet on this issue.

These were lots of opportunities for discussion and exchange of views and the evenings were a thought-provoking addition to the Study Groups that have become a tradition. After two hours of intense brain cell activity, the audience thanked all the panellists for their contributions and in particular Sister Sue for taking the time and trouble to organise the evenings.

Jim and Sue