A little church history from a chance connection.

Post date: May 21, 2012 7:43:44 PM

This weekend, Barbara's cousin and husband from Maidenhead came to visit us for the weekend. She mentioned her trip to Mellor in an email to a friend, who replied:

"How spooky!!...... my Great Grandfather, Edward Parry (b1864-d1904), was the stonemason who carved the christening font in the church. His initials appear at the base of the font He is also buried in the churchyard. The grave is under a big old tree and it is a very short grave. He couldn't have been a dwarf cos my grandad was 6ft tall!

Edward was born in Newmarket, Wales and travelled to Blackburn to find work. He met my great grandmother, Letitia Woods, married her and they had seven children. My Grandfather was the eldest."

We went into church on Saturday and looked closely at the font but found no initials - but we did find Edward and Letitia's small grave next to a large tree behind the church.

It would be interesting to find out more about this excellent craftsmen with such a close association with St Mary's, so if anyone knows any more please contact me on 01254 813418 or by email at admin@mellorparishchurch.org.

Richard Jones