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St Mary the Virgin Mellor is a friendly Parish Church committed to serving God and the community of Mellor in the heart of Lancashire. This website and our Facebook page tell you something about who we are, what we do, when we do it etc.. We update it regularly and contributions are welcomed. We hope you find it helpful and interesting. We would be delighted to talk to you about our church life and to welcome you into the congregation.

If you'd like to know more about us, please come along to worship with us on a Sunday or Tuesday, or join in any of our events - we'd love to see you. Take a look at "News & announcements" to see what's coming up.

Karen our Vicar can be contacted on:

01254 814041


Rev'd Karen Herschell our new Vicar from 27th June 2021


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The Vicar’s Light Reflections

Light Reflections… β€œLet your light shine…” (Matthew 5.16)

As the clocks have now gone back in readiness for winter and our evenings are now becoming shorter, we have moved from a time of Thanksgiving in the Church Calendar at Harvest to a season of Remembrance. In Remembrance season on All Saints Day, we remember the Saints and Martyrs who have gone before us, those faithful Christian men and women who trusted in Christ for their salvation and who lived lives of service to Him and others. We then remember and give thanks for all the faithful departed at All Soul’s, especially those known personally to us who have given us life or nurtured us in our faith. These are followed by Remembrance Sunday where we remember loss individually and as a nation for those who have sacrificed their lives in war and conflict in working for peace. In all these commemorations is the thread that joins us together as Christians; that through our baptism we belong together as a family with Christ at the head. It is a belonging in remembrance and a remembering that we belong, that through the grace of God, He has brought us back to Him as His children, through the death and resurrection of His only Son Jesus Christ.

And it is remembrance that Jesus spoke of so movingly when sat at table with his friends on the night that he was betrayed. As he knew what lay ahead of him, he shared the Passover meal and enacted out though the symbols of broken bread and wine poured what was going to happen to him on the cross, that his body would be broken, and his blood outpoured.

β€˜Then he took a loaf of bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to them saying, β€œThis is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.”’ (Luke 22: 19)

Through Holy Communion we too share in this meal, as the Priest re-presents Christ’s actions and says His words, we are reminded afresh of the sacrifice that Jesus made, and we too participate in the life saving and life-giving meal. We too become the disciples sharing in the bread and wine, the mystery of Christ’s’ body and blood given for us. St Ignatius of Antioch called the holy sacrament of the blessed bread and wine: β€˜The medicine of immortality, the antidote that prevents us from dying and causes us to live for ever in Jesus Christ.’

Every week as we share in Christ’s body and blood in the bread and wine at Holy Communion, we share this collective remembrance as we are invited by the Lord Jesus Christ to feast at His table. All are invited to the meal, to receive His forgiveness and grace. Why not approach Him this Remembrance Season to feed on him in your hearts by faith with thanksgiving. Amen

Blessings, Rev’d Karen

Christ Centered...Kingdom Focused

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Portrait Adverts 2022.pdf

Mellor Misc

Mellor Misc. is a place on the front page to put any miscellaneous item to do with our village. Send me anything you'd like included.

What's on Locally?

Mellor Village Hall

Ocean Clear Recycling at the Village Hall

There are now collection boxes at Mellor Village hall (found clearly marked in the kitchen) for plastics that are currently NOT recycled by RVBC.

They are baby and pet food pouches, toothpaste tubes and old brushes, cosmetic jars, crisp packets, biscuit wrappers.

ALL wrappers/jars etc are accepted. It is the type of product not the manufacturer that matter.

If you have any items to deposit please make sure they are empty and clean.

The village hall is open almost every day and Janine Foster and or Carolyne Hymas tend to be there Thursday afternoons 2-4; Fridays 2-4 and on the first Saturday of the month 9.30-12.30 (pop-up cafe)

If you have any queries please speak to Janine or Carolyne.

Please support this as we need to reduce the amount

of plastic going to landfill and ending up in the oceans.

Thank you,



Aerobics every Monday 9.30-10.30 Cost Β£4,

First session free


Enjoy a relaxing coffee with a slice of delicious homemade cake!

Pop up Coffee Shop

Unfortunately the pop up cafe is CLOSED until further notice due to COVID restrictions

We are open the first Saturday of the month 8.30 – 1.30 ish!

(later if we are busy enough)

A warm & friendly welcome is guaranteed

The Pop up Coffee shop is run by volunteers of Mellor

and all proceeds are for the village hall.