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Women's World Day of Prayer

posted 31 Mar 2010, 04:23 by Richard Jones   [ updated 22 May 2017, 03:13 ]
"Let Everything That Has Breath Praise God" — what a wonderful theme for this year's service on Friday 5th March and how blessed we all felt at the end of it. The service by the Cameroonian women was a revelation to us and we all entered into the spirit of the occasion.

As is our custom, 35 ladies from the four local churches met for lunch, this year in the Community Centre at Mellor Brook, and then we split into 3 groups, each group visiting a local residential home and taking a shortened version of the service. How the residents enjoyed the music!

The evening service was well attended, and the joy felt by the Cameroonian women was transferred to us. Youngsters from St Mary's School in Mellor accompanied the first song "We are marching in the light of God" on their recorders and took part in one of the later readings. Our speaker was the Revd Fleur Green, a young vicar from Blackburn, who recounted her visit to South Africa and the celebratory worship she experienced there. Raising arms in the air in worship is not generally normal practice in our local churches, but we entered into the spirit and lifted up our arms in praise and thanksgiving for the fellowship we had had!

A very uplifting and happy occasion.

Sheila Parker