'Little Angels' celebrate Easter

posted 3 May 2011, 01:32 by Rita Gorman   [ updated 11 May 2011, 05:11 by Richard Jones ]
It was appropriate for us to celebrate Easter at our April meeting as we met on Easter Tuesday.

We greeted each other in song and thought about Easter 'feelings' - sad/happy.

The children hunted for chocolate eggs given to us by Mrs Norah Alcock.The eggs were collected in a basket before being shared out so teaching the children how to 'care and share' !    Thank you, Norah

We then admired and held, very gently, 4 chickens brought to church by Claire Bridge.   Thank you, Claire

As it was 13 years since our first meeting we blew out a candle and cut a cake to celebrate our birthday before playing 'Pass the Parcel' - more lessons here about taking turns - not easy when you are only 2 years old.

On the 29th May the Morning Service at 10.30am will be an 'All Age Worship' - we have been asked to take part by singing and saying a prayer.

                                          1 2 3 4 5       -      Thank You, God, that I'm alive.