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St Mary the Virgin
Mellor is a friendly Parish Church committed to serving God and the community of Mellor in the heart of Lancashire.

This website tells you something about who we are, what we do, when we do it etc.. We update it regularly and contributions are welcomed. We hope you find it helpful and interesting.

If you'd like to know more about us, please come along to worship with us on a Sunday, or join in any of our events - we'd love to see you. Take a look at "News & announcements" or check out the 'What's on?' page to see what's coming up. 

Rev'd Charles Jefferson would be happy to talk to you about our church life and to welcome you into the congregation.                           

Mellor Parish Church News & Announcements

  • NOTICES FOR SUNDAY 20th August 2017 – THE 10th SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY SERVICES Today 9.30am  Parish Communion                The Rev Gary Hunt     Tuesday 22nd August 9.30am  Holy Communion                Rev David Kennedy     Sunday 27th August 11th Sunday after Trinity ...
    Posted 18 Aug 2017, 03:32 by Richard Jones
  • NOTICES FOR SUNDAY 13th August 2017 – THE 9th SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY SERVICES Today 9.30am  Parish Communion                The Vicar Tuesday 15th August 9.30am  Holy Communion                Rev John Hartley     Sunday 20th August 10th Sunday after Trinity 9.30am ...
    Posted 12 Aug 2017, 01:20 by Richard Jones
  • NOTICES FOR SUNDAY 6th August 2017 – THE TRANSFIGURATION OF OUR LORD   SERVICES Today 9.30am  Parish Communion                 Rev Roland Nicholson 4.00pm  ‘Praise and Worship’                 The Vicar                 Details in the Parish Magazine Tuesday 8th August 9.30am  Holy Communion                The ...
    Posted 6 Aug 2017, 00:21 by Richard Jones
  • NOTICES FOR SUNDAY 30th July 2017 – 7th SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY SERVICES Today 11.00am  Benefice United Service                   at Samlesbury  -  The Vicar   Tuesday 1st August 9.30am  Holy Communion                The Vicar     Sunday 6th August The Transfiguration of Our Lord ...
    Posted 28 Jul 2017, 09:06 by Richard Jones
  • Vision 2026 From the Vicarage   Vision 2026   2026 marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Diocese of Blackburn and to celebrate that after a great deal of prayer, reflection ...
    Posted 22 Jul 2017, 23:46 by Richard Jones
  • NOTICES FOR SUNDAY 23rd July 2017 – 6th SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY SERVICES Today 9.30am  Parish Communion                Rev Roland Nicholson   Tuesday 25th July 9.30am  Holy Communion                The Vicar     Sunday 30th July 7th Sunday after Trinity 11.00am ...
    Posted 22 Jul 2017, 23:42 by Richard Jones
  • Praise and Worship We want to say how much we thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from this service at St. Mary's on Sunday 2nd July.  Not having been in the church for some ...
    Posted 18 Jul 2017, 03:32 by Richard Jones
  • NOTICES FOR SUNDAY 16th July 2017 – 5th SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY SERVICES Today 9.30am  All Age Worship                The Vicar     Tuesday 18th July 9.30am  Holy Communion                The Vicar     Sunday 23rd July 6th Sunday after Trinity   9.30am ...
    Posted 14 Jul 2017, 07:08 by Richard Jones
  • NOTICES FOR SUNDAY 9th July 2017 – 4th SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY SERVICES Today 9.30am  Parish Communion                The Vicar     Tuesday 11th July 9.30am  Holy Communion                The Vicar     Sunday 16th July 5th Sunday after Trinity   9.30am  All ...
    Posted 7 Jul 2017, 07:51 by Richard Jones
  • NOTICES FOR SUNDAY 2 JULY 2017 – THIRD SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY SERVICES Today 9.30 am Parish Communion Rev’d Canon John Hartley   4.00 pm ‘Praise and Worship’ Rev’d Charles Jefferson Tuesday 4 July 9.30 am Holy Communion ...
    Posted 3 Jul 2017, 00:37 by Richard Jones
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View From the Vicarage - July-August 2017

View From the Vicarage  -  Why Worship? 

            It’s a fair question because so many of us do it. Whether it’s a football team, a loved one, our family, the car or even our job, worship is a common experience. But what is special about Christian Worship?

            It is Personal not Private. The question Jesus asked Simon was, ‘Do you love me?’ Not, do you believe in me, or agree with me or even like me. But do you personally ‘love me’ (John 21). And if the answer is yes then that love for Jesus is to spill out into a love for others (Matthew 28).

            It is Christ Centred not Self-Centred. ‘Why do you call me Lord, Lord,’ said Jesus ‘and do not do what I tell you?’ (Luke 6).  In worship we seek to hear God’s voice through the reading of the Scriptures and through the faithful and practical exposition of the Word of God. Indeed Paul writes, ‘Faith comes from what is heard and what is heard comes by the preaching of Christ’ (Romans 10:17). So Christians are disciples – literally learners, people who are willing to learn from the Master (John 3, 6) and then, with God’s help, put that learning into practice (Romans 12).

            It is Spiritual not Superficial. ‘True worshippers,’ said Jesus ‘will worship the Father in spirit and truth’ (John 4). As we open our hearts and minds prayerfully to God, so the Holy Spirit begins to transform us from within giving us a new sense of joy and peace (Galatians 5) ‘for where the Spirit of the Lord is present there is freedom’ (2 Corinthians 3) – freedom to praise and enjoy worshipping God because our hearts and lives have been warmed by the love of God.  Not surprisingly, worship like that is both attractive and infectious! And finally Christian worship

            Is a Relationship not a Ritual. For some, worship appears to be little more than a series of do’s and don’ts. You must say this and you mustn’t do that. But all our service books and hymn books are ephemeral – none are eternal. Only Jesus Christ is the ‘same, yesterday, today and forever ‘ (Hebrews 13). It is God alone who does not change (Malachi 3).

            For the Bible says, we are put right with God, not by repeating the words of a man-made service to the letter (Matthew 15), but by responding to Jesus with the heart. For it is through repentance and faith that we are able, by the grace of God, to be welcomed into the family of God – a family in which we can call God our Father (Romans 8) and know Jesus as our Saviour (Romans 5). And without that relationship we will be unable to pray the prayer that Jesus taught us and mean it (Matthew 6).

            So worship – from the old English ‘weorthscipe’ –  to give worth to something. What does worship mean to you? Is the object of your worship worthy of worship? And if you claim to be a Christian then what part does God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit play in your worship?

            Some years ago a famous Archbishop, William Temple (1881-1944), said these words, ‘To worship is to quicken the conscience by the holiness of God, to feed the mind with the truth of God, to purge the imagination by the beauty of God, to open the heart to the love of God, to devote the will to the purpose of God.’

While more recently Pastor Rick Warren, author of the best selling book ‘The Purpose Driven Church’,  has written, ‘in genuine worship God’s presence is felt, God’s pardon is offered, God’s purposes are revealed and God’s power is displayed’. May that be true for us.