God always listens . . .

posted 5 Feb 2011, 01:14 by Rita Gorman   [ updated 5 Feb 2011, 01:32 ]
We were delighted to welcome two 'new' babies to our January meeting, Charlotte ( 6 weeks ) with her mum, Helen and Joanne with Thomas
( 3 weeks ).

Fortunately, both babies were very quiet as we explored 'sounds around us', using our voices and shaking bells to make different sounds. We then thought about listening before ending our 'thoughtful' time with Margaret's favourite prayer 'God always listens'.

God always listens whenever we pray
He's never too busy to hear what we say
So, we will say thank you for what each day brings
Children to play with and many good things.

We meet again on Tuesday, 22nd February at 2.15pm in the Narthex. As this falls during half term we hope to see some older brothers and sisters, as  well as our 'little angels'.