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Mellor Parish Church joins the web!

posted 10 Jul 2009, 03:05 by Richard Jones   [ updated 31 Mar 2010, 07:16 ]

The PCC decided it was time to enter the internet age and I was asked to do something about it. The result is our new site which I've designed to be a place to get news and information about the church and our work for God and the community.

Although it's early days yet, the site includes:

You can even check our local weather forecast on the homepage.

The site is intended to be more than just a place to look things up, I've set it up so that parishioners can actively contribute directly to publicise group activities, announce upcoming events, post photos, videos etc. etc. To start with, we'll be inviting those involved in running church groups, etc. to join the site as direct contributors, however, I'd be delighted to receive contributions from any parishioner by email to

The site is a supplement to our excellent Parish Magazine, and draws heavily on the calendar and other information compiled by Magazine Editors Rita & John Gorman.

Please take a look around the website. Let me know what you think and what you'd like to see in it. The more contributors the better it will become and, with luck, it will help bring people to our church - both online and in person to our services and activities.

Richard Jones - website admin