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St Mary the Virgin
Mellor is a friendly Parish Church committed to serving God and the community of Mellor in the heart of Lancashire.

This website tells you something about who we are, what we do, when we do it etc.. We update it regularly and contributions are welcomed. We hope you find it helpful and interesting.

If you'd like to know more about us, please come along to worship with us on a Sunday, or join in any of our events - we'd love to see you. Take a look at "News & announcements" or check out the 'What's on?' page to see what's coming up. 

Currently the Parish is Vacant so please address all enquiries to the Area Dean, Rev Jonathan Carmillie. The Vicarage, 40 The Sands, Whalley BB7 9TL Tel 01254 824679 Email: vicar@whalleypc.org.uk

We would be delighted to talk to you about our church life and to welcome you into the congregation.                           

Mellor Parish Church News & Announcements

  • SUNDAY, 24th March 2019 - 3rd SUNDAY OF LENT SERVICESToday 9.30am   Parish Communion                Rev Dennis CrookTuesday, 26th March 9.30am   Holy Communion                  Rev David Kennedy Sunday 31st March 20194th Sunday of Lent ...
    Posted by Richard Jones
  • SUNDAY, 17th March 2019 - 2nd SUNDAY OF LENT SERVICESToday 9.30am   Family Worship                Rev David KennedyTuesday, 19th March 9.30am   Holy Communion                  Rev Jane Bury Sunday 24th March 20193rd Sunday of Lent ...
    Posted 15 Mar 2019, 05:36 by Richard Jones
  • SUNDAY, 10th March 2019 - 1st SUNDAY OF LENT SERVICESToday 9.30am   Parish Communion                Rev Roland NicholsonTuesday, 12th March 9.30am   Holy Communion                  Rev Roland Nicholson Sunday 17th March 20192nd Sunday of Lent ...
    Posted 11 Mar 2019, 23:06 by Richard Jones
  • SUNDAY, 3rd March 2019 - SUNDAY NEXT BEFORE LENT SERVICESToday 9.30am   Parish Communion                Celebrant: Rev John Hartley                Preacher:   Rev Gary HuntTuesday, 5th March 9.30am   Holy Communion                  Rev John Hartley Ash Wednesday  - see details below ...
    Posted 6 Mar 2019, 03:31 by Richard Jones
  • SUNDAY, 24th FEBRUARY 2019 - 2nd SUNDAY BEFORE LENT SERVICESToday 9.30am   Parish Communion                Rev John HartleyTuesday, 26th February 9.30am   Holy Communion                  Rev Jane Bury Sunday 3rd March 2019Sunday before Lent9.30am ...
    Posted 24 Feb 2019, 00:50 by Richard Jones
  • Sunday 17th February Notices
    Posted 18 Feb 2019, 03:04 by Richard Jones
  • ANOTHER GREAT VILLAGE QUIZ! Once again Roland challenged a full house of quiz teams with some tough mental gymnastics. All the usual topics were covered from religion to politics via history and food with ...
    Posted 10 Feb 2019, 07:55 by Richard Jones
  • SUNDAY, 10th FEBRUARY 2019 - 4th SUNDAY BEFORE LENT SERVICESToday 9.30am  Parish Communion              The Rev Jane Bury          Tuesday, 12th February 9.30am   Holy Communion                  at the side Altar                  Rev Roland Nicholson Sunday 17th February 2019 ...
    Posted 8 Feb 2019, 06:30 by Richard Jones
  • "Community Spirit" - Can You Help Please? Community Spirit who support the homeless in Blackburnhave put out an appeal for the following men's clothing. Mens jogger bottoms size medium & large Mens trainers sizes 7 8 ...
    Posted 5 Feb 2019, 07:25 by Richard Jones
  • Invite to All Young Angels All pre school children withmums, dads,  grandparents or carersare welcome to come and join us onTuesday, 26th February, in the Church Narthex whereWe will share interesting ...
    Posted 5 Feb 2019, 07:21 by Richard Jones
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Parish Safeguarding Arrangements
Please click this link to view our Child Protection Manual

Letter From Area Dean

One of Jesus' most memorable sayings, found in Saint Matthew's Gospel as part of the Sermon on the Mount is, 'blesséd are the peacemakers'; which was misheard in Monty Python's Life of Brian as 'blesséd are the cheese makers'. No doubt cheese makers are as deserving of being blest as anyone else, especially if they make creamy Lancashire(!), but in reality it was peace and not cheese that Jesus was thinking about when he taught the crowds who had gathered to hear him on a Galilean hillside nearly 2000 years ago.

The dictionary defines peace as; freedom from war, noise, disorder, or mental agitation. It describes it as quietness, calm, serenity, and harmony. Not surprising therefore that Jesus regarded those who are able to bring about a state of peace, in whatever context, as being blesséd, because by their actions they confer a blessing on others, and are blest themselves in doing so.

Every year the Nobel Prize Committee awards a Peace Prize to an individual or organization who has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of peace; past winners have included Martin Luther King (1964), Mother Teresa (1979), Nelson Mandela (1993) which he shared with the then president of South Africa Fredrick de Klerk, American president Jimmy Carter (2002), and in 2014 Malala Yousafzai. All different, but all sharing the distinction of having made a significant difference for good in their particular area of influence.

Interestingly, Jesus not only called peacemakers blesséd he also said they were children of God, meaning that in their actions they reflected the nature and character of God himself.

More than that though, it tells us something of what Jesus understood as being God's highest hope for human society, that it should exist in a state of universal harmony, in which jealousy, rivalry and hostility have disappeared.

Of course you don't need to be on the world stage to be a peacemaker; those who help to establish peace between friends, or family, or in the local community are in that moment also reflecting the nature and character of God, and as such bring about a blessing by their actions. When Christians pray one of the chief topics of their prayer is that peace might be established in the world; may we all seek, by our attitude and action, to be the means by which our prayer is answered.

Jonathan Carmyllie.

Currently the Parish is Vacant.    

Until further notice all enquiries should be addressed to the Area Dean, Rev Jonathan Carmillie.

The Vicarage, 40 The Sands, Whalley  BB7 9TL Tel 01254 824679 Email:  vicar@whalleypc.org.uk