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Mellor is a friendly Parish Church committed to serving God and the community of Mellor in the heart of Lancashire.

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Amma Sue, our Vicar, would be happy to talk to you about our church life and to welcome you into the congregation. 

Mellor Parish Church News & Announcements

  • ‘ Take Home the Light of Christ’ A special All Age Service Advent Sunday29th November 4pmYou can ‘ Take Home theLight of Christ’A special All Age Service(for everyone, families, couples, singletons)We joyfully welcome you, please join ...
    Posted 25 Nov 2015, 13:14 by Richard Jones
  • The Autumn Fayre Our annual Autumn Fayre was held in School on Saturday 14th November and raised a grand total of £2741.22, all of which will go into Church funds.We ...
    Posted 25 Nov 2015, 13:13 by Richard Jones
  • Coffee Morning at 10 Church Close Thank you to all who helped in any way, by giving and buying, to help us raise £300 towards the Autumn Fayre.Special thanks to Canon John for conducting our ...
    Posted 25 Nov 2015, 09:46 by Richard Jones
  • Invitation to Christingle + Sunday School Nativity Christmas Eve 4pm Please join us for this lovely All Age Worship service.Celebrate the birth of Christ, the Light of the World with family and friends.Fill a Christingle collection candle and ...
    Posted 25 Nov 2015, 09:11 by Richard Jones
  • Church Magazine The subscription for 2016 is £5 (Less than 10p a week) and will be collected by  the distributors when the January issue is delivered or earlier if you wish.    The ...
    Posted 25 Nov 2015, 08:50 by Richard Jones
  • Mellor St. Mary C. E. Primary School Christmas News Christmas worship starts in school with Advent Sunday on the 29th November and follows the Christmas story until Friday 18th December when school closes. This year, the older children ...
    Posted 25 Nov 2015, 08:48 by Richard Jones
  • Little Angels We meet on WEDNESDAY, 9th December at 2.15pm in the Narthex when we welcome Mrs McPherson and the children from school who will sing some Christmas songs for ...
    Posted 25 Nov 2015, 08:44 by Richard Jones
  • We Will Remember Them The congregation was joined by members of the Parish Council at the annual Service of Remembrance conducted by the Vicar, Canon Sue Williams in St Mary’s Church on Sunday ...
    Posted 25 Nov 2015, 08:40 by Richard Jones
  • Church Christmas Cards The Church Christmas Cards are now available.  This year we have used Ann Minoprio's painting of the Lych Gate of St Mary's Church and the cards cost £5 ...
    Posted 21 Nov 2015, 09:57 by Richard Jones
  • NOTICES FOR SUNDAY 22 NOVEMBER 2015 – CHRIST THE KING SERVICES Today 10.30 am Parish Communion All Age Worship Rev’d Canon John Hartley   During the administration of Holy Communion the Congregation are invited to join the Choir in ...
    Posted 21 Nov 2015, 09:45 by Richard Jones
  • "...... from Darkness to Light......" Advent Candlelit Service We will be performing this beautiful candlelit "Darkness to Light" service on Sunday 6th December at 6.30 and believe this is the first time this has been done at ...
    Posted 25 Nov 2015, 08:42 by Richard Jones
  • School assembly is being held in church on Friday 20th November starting at 9am. Tea and toast will be served after the service. All are very welcome.
    Posted 14 Nov 2015, 01:16 by Richard Jones
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Amma Sue - December 2015

Dear Friends,

When I was a child, admittedly as my nephews and nieces inform me, was a long time ago (!) you could tell it was getting close to Christmas by the way the people greeted each other. Strangers would pass each other and call out a cheery “All the best!” Customers and shop staff would end each transaction with a similar greeting or a bright “Merry Christmas”.  Now I’m sure that things weren’t all hunky dory even back then but nevertheless people at least made an effort to relate to the spirit of the season and attempted to be friendly, if only for a little space of time. As time has past, and the preparations for Christmas begin earlier and earlier we seem to have lost some of the joy surrounding the season. And it’s not only Christmas that seems to have lost some of its spirit as more and more we are encouraged to see ourselves as individuals consumers, the star of our own personal movie, the centre of our own world . In her book “Talk to the hand” (2010), Lynne Truss amusingly and accurately bemoans the fact that more and more people are encouraged to move around in a sort of imaginary bubble of self-concern which then licenses rude and boorish behaviour. Living in such an atmosphere means that we all live in a state of suspicion and readiness to take offence even where none is intended, view other people as simply obstacles out to delay ‘my’ time and get in ‘my way’.

In the Gospels we see Jesus responding to people in a much more loving and open way. Ready to listen to the distraught father and yet at the same time open to the needs of the suffering woman; taking the time to really engage with an official of an oppressing power; looking into the heart of a rich young man and being ready to really see his need. And he does that even when his goodness and healing is met with ingratitude and nine out the ten lepers he heals fail to return and thank him. Jesus first reaction to other people wasn’t suspicion or cynicism but love and openness and his final commandment was to “love one another as I have loved you.”

In our often frightening and violent world it’s easy to turn in on ourselves, to look after only “me and mine” or indeed, “after number one”. As followers of the Prince of Peace we are called to challenge the negative, indeed, toxic spirit at large that sees the stranger only as a threat to be kept at arm’s length at best. So as we enter and continue through our celebrations of the Prince of Peace, Immanuel – God with us, let us do our part to challenge this individualism and all that brings. You never know your smile and cheery greeting might be just the small thing that changes someone else’s life.

Jesus, lover of humanity, help us to see You in others and may others see something of You in us. Amen.

With love and blessings for Christmas and the New Year Sister Sue.

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