Sister Sue - March 2016

posted 28 Mar 2016, 11:03 by Richard Jones   [ updated 28 Mar 2016, 11:03 ]

Vicar's Letter

At the beginning of February 2016 the vicar made this announcement which had to be read in the three churches within the benefice''

Dear Friends,

As I am still on sick leave I have asked the Churchwardens to make the following announcement.

When I was installed as Vicar I said that I had no “agenda” other than the one stated in the Covenant that the Churchwardens and I signed at the beginning of the life of the United Benefice. “God’s people in these parishes now commit themselves to working together with their Vicar to build the United Benefice of Balderstone, Mellor and Samlesbury in order to reach out in love and generosity to our neighbours and our world; and to engender a spirit of Christian love and fellowship between the worshipping communities so that we may better respond to Christ’s command to “make disciples of all nations” [Matthew chapter 28 verse 19].” I also said that I would not seek to immediately change anything in the lives of the three churches unless absolutely  necessary so that together we could begin to identify the necessary changes that would need to take place in order to fulfil God’s work and mission as God’s people in this place. This has meant that in practice I have attempted to be a “full-time vicar” in three churches at the same time. This is no longer possible; and after a series of conversations with the three PCCs and the reflections received from parishioners there is little likelihood of the situation becoming any easier in the near future. This being so, I have come to the difficult decision that I am no longer able to continue as Vicar of the United Benefice and so I have tendered my resignation to the Bishop of Blackburn to take effect on 1st May this year, which he has accepted.

 With prayers

Sister Sue.