October 2010

posted 2 Oct 2010, 01:19 by Richard Jones   [ updated 2 Oct 2010, 01:28 ]
The Vicar writes ....

I WAS OUT WITH SOME FRIENDS the other week. And as we chatted, playing in the background was the song, '1 have a dream', by the
famous Swedish group' Abba' .

As part of the chorus, they sang "1 believe in angels", and one of my friends said, "You reckon you're a God person. Do you believe in them?"

So 1 thought I'd pass on the question to you. "You're all God people. Do you believe in angels?"

Angels are generally accepted to be a group of spiritual beings whose primary function is to praise God continually, and in addition, they act as God's. messengers, the 'go-betweens' when God wants to communicate with us here on earth.

The word 'Angel' is from the Greek, "angelos' which means 'messenger', and in the Bible, God uses angels both to bring messages to us and also to carry out tasks for him on earth.

Angels are not gods themselves. They are heavenly beings who posses great wisdom and are countless in number. In one reference in the
Bible they're said to be ten thousand times ten thousand, thousands upon thousands, so I think that even allowing for the usual biblical overstatement, we can safely assume that there were an awful lot of them, and that not for nothing is God regularly referred to as the Lord of 'hosts' .

Angels take on human form so as to conceal their true identity from those to whom they are sent, and 1 guess, also so that we can cope with the experience and not be frightened to death by their real appearance.

But my question was, 'Do you believe in them?'

Well, for me it's good enough that Jesus clearly did. And he also told us that each of his 'children' had an angel assigned to us as our guardian.

So, people of St. Mary's, Why don't you take this opportunity to develop your faith in angels. Just try calling on them to help you, just as they helped Jesus, in fighting the temptations and assaults of the devil. And know that just as throughout history, they've always been ready and
willing to help protect the people of God, so today, they're ready and willing to help you. 'Only believe'.
May God's blessing be with you all