October 09

posted 30 Oct 2009, 08:35 by Richard Jones   [ updated 8 Jun 2017, 07:36 ]

The Vicar writes ……


In spite of how it may seem, new beginnings are never easy are they? Whether it's a new school, new job, a new home or a new church. It's difficult to leave behind old friends, familiar places, things you're used to, and to move into new areas - areas of uncertainty where you have to find your way all over again and to establish new contacts and make new friends.


Most of you by now will know that that's exactly what Judith and I are looking forward to. It's only seems like a few days ago that it was formally announced that on the 2nd October I'll become the new priest-in-charge of St. Mary's, Mellor and a few days later in a second Licensing Service I'll also be made priest-in-charge of St. Leonard's Balderstone.


I've spent the past two years as Chaplain (like priest-in-charge' it's just another name for `vicar) to the Costa Blanca in Spain. Before that I was Rector of St. Nicholas's Church in Burnage, following 8 years in a parish in Wythenshawe, and a Curacy in Urmston. All of which are in the south of the Diocese of Manchester. Judith is a retired nurse who's spent most of her working life look­ing after the elderly, most recently as Matron of a Bupa nursing home in Eccles. We have two sons, Simon and Tim and two grandchildren aged 4 years and 18 months. We'd hoped also to introduce you all to our elderly Labrador dog, Jes­sica, but sadly she died just a couple of weeks ago.


We're very pleased that the people of St. Mary's have chosen me to work with them over the coming years and we're really looking forward to joining you and making new friends. At the same time, it's a daunting prospect - to leave behind things we've become familiar with, people we've got to know and love and become comfortable with.


And I guess that the next few months are going to bring new beginnings to many people at St. Mary's too, not just me and Judith. There may be people in the parish who hear God's call to them and take their first steps in response. Some of you will move away from Mellor while others, like us, will move in. Some will find new jobs, others may be made redundant. Some will be ill, some may not recover. Some will mourn while others will have reason to celebrate and be joyful.


All these events and emotions which will make up the future at St. Mary's will have one important thing in common. Every one of them will need a great deal of support and prayer by all of us in the worshipping community.


So at this time of great change, Judith and I will be remembering all of you in our prayers and I would particularly ask you all to keep us in your prayers too.

May God's blessing be with you all