June 2010

posted 7 Jul 2010, 01:31 by Richard Jones   [ updated 9 Jul 2010, 01:57 ]

The Vicar writes.....


I’M WRITING THIS in the middle of May and I’m beginning to get quite excited about our holiday in just a couple of weeks time.

And thinking about holidays reminds me of the story of the family in the 1950’s who were so poor that their children just didn’t know what a holiday was. Things got so bad that one day the father of the family told a friend that they’d give absolutely anything to be able to emigrate to America and start over again.

Without saying a word to the family, the friend entered a competition in their name, and won tickets for a 10 day cruise to New York. Well, the family were overjoyed, but they had absolutely no idea of what to expect, or of how they could possibly prepare for such a voyage. So after they’d packed all their things, they set-to to make sandwiches for the trip.

They were all a bit frightened by the prospect of such a major change in their lives, but on the day of departure, they went on board and sat in their cabin surrounded by their boxes of sandwiches and flasks of tea and coffee.

For the first few days, every time they were hungry they ate some of their sandwiches. But they didn’t have anything else, so, as I’m sure you can imagine, by the end of a week, they were sick of even the mention of sandwiches.

With only one more day to go before arriving in New York, the ten year old son finally wore down his long-suffering Mum and Dad and was allowed out of the cabin to see if he could buy some sweets for the children.

When he hadn’t returned over an hour later, they were very worried, and Dad set out to look for him. He was horrified by what he found. There were rows and rows of tables with hundreds of people sitting at them. They were all eating, and what a meal it was. Everything you could possibly imagine.

And there in the middle was the boy. Almost dwarfed by a plate of chicken and ham and potatoes and vegetables. A large glass of orange juice and a dish piled high with the largest portion of strawberries and cream that he’d ever seen.

The father said to the boy, “Why did you do it? You know we can’t afford all this!” And the young boy’s eyes lit up and he said, “But dad! Guess what? We could have had this all the time. All this food’s included with the tickets!”

Our Christian journey’s like that too you know. Jesus promised us abundant life. He told us that we could have Joy, pressed down and flowing over. And even more, he promised us his peace. But for some reason or other that I can never fathom, we’re all too prepared to settle for sandwiches.

Jesus promises us so much, but all too often we’re convinced by Satan to settle for less.

Enjoy your holiday, send the church a card, (care of The Vicarage, Mellor) but don’t forget to bring back some of your enjoyment and let it spill over into your everyday life, and your church life too.

May God’s blessing be with you all