Fr Rowland - January 2013

posted 31 Jan 2013, 01:49 by Richard Jones   [ updated 31 Jan 2013, 01:49 ]

My dear friends, 


Another year has gone and a New Year begins.......where does the time go? 

Almost a century ago, there was a Chinese man, living in China, who became a Christian. He tried to tell the people in the place where he lived about Jesus. On one occasion, they laughed at him, used foul language about the Jesus he worshipped, tied his hands together behind his back and strung him up on a high pole. When he was eventually taken down he was visited by his Bishop who found him crying. `The pain must have been terrible,` he said. I`m not crying because of the pain,` he answered, `It is because the name of Jesus was taken in vain and dishonoured.` 

The third commandment tells us not to dishonour the name of the Lord our God. Imagine what you would feel like if another person took the name of someone you love and used it as a swear word. Then you will understand why the Chinese Christian wept at the dishonouring of the name of Jesus. Of course most people `O Christ` when they`re cross don`t realize what they are doing. As Industrial Chaplain at BAe Systems I have been too many meetings where someone has said just that, and then said, `Sorry, I suppose I shouldn`t say that when your here.` my reply being, ` neither of us will notice.` `What do you mean , neither of us ?``Well if you were in the army God will think your praying!` 

The opposite to dishonouring the name of God, of course, is when we say the Lord`s Prayer, `hallowed be thy name`. himGod`s name be regarded as holy. A building which is regarded as holy is a building which is separate from all other buildings, and protected from profane and wrong use. So when we pray the God`s name may be hallowed, that means we should regard him, his unique character and essence, as separate from, and higher than, any other being. 

The first thing we ask for in the Lord`s Prayer is reverence. This is to believe that God exists, that he is love, that he is present everywhere, and that we must obey and worship him. JANUARY 1st is the Feast Day of the Naming of Jesus. It was a special name to show that he is unique, and we must reverence him for it. Every one of us has a unique name, to show that God loves us for our unique characters, making them distinct from anybody else. So if we reverence Jesus, the Son of God, we should also reverence every child of God, and celebrate their differences, and their unique qualities. 

May I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! 

Fr Roland.