Fr Rowland - April 2012

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My dear friends,


Dear friends,

Viktor Frankl spent three years in Auschwitz. He survived though his wife and family perished. He tells how one day shortly after the liberation of the camp he went for a walk through the country towards the market town a few miles from the camp.

The meadows were full of flowers. Larks rose singing into the sky. There was no one to be seen for miles around. There was nothing but the wide earth and sky, the singing of the larks, and the freedom of space. He stopped, looked around him, and then up into the blue sky. Then he went down on his knees to give thanks to God for his liberation. As he prayed one sentence came to mind that expressed what he was feeling : 'I called on God from my narrow prison and he answered me in the freedom of space'

How long he knelt there repeating that sentence he could not tell, but he said later: 'On that day and in that hour my new life started. step by step I progressed, until l again became a human being.'

We cannot separate the joy Frankl felt in the flower-filled meadow from the suffering he experienced in the camp. In fact, that joy would have no meaning were it not for the suffering that preceded it.

In the same way we can't separate the resurrection of Jesus from His passion and death. His glory cannot be separated from His pain. The early Christians came to understand, albeit slowly, that the passion and death was precisely how Jesus entered into His glory.

And so it must be for us. The resurrection is the main thing, but we must not forget that it was preceded by the passion and death. We can't have Easter Sunday without Good Friday. But when we are experiencing Good Friday we should remember Easter Sunday.

May Gods Easter Blessing be with you and yours.
Fr Roland