Fr Roland - July & August 2012

posted 2 Sep 2012, 04:19 by Richard Jones   [ updated 2 Sep 2012, 04:19 ]
Dear Friends, 


The time has come at this point in the calendar when many of us will be thinking of a holiday, a break. Holidays are a time for recreation. Some people will be going abroad, maybe just to relax on a pleasant sunny beach or enjoying activities of a more strenuous nature. Those with families who do not go abroad making sure that their children get out for a romp in the open air. 

There are many forms of holiday, many forms of recreation, but let us look at that word; if you split it in two you realize that it means re- creation, or making ourselves afresh. Those who have any leisure time like to use it in physical or mental activity to refresh their jaded minds and bodies. However fresh we were at the beginning of the week, by the time it comes to the weekend, we need some activity which will restore us to something like our ideal condition for enjoying life. Much more, when the holidays come. 

So enjoy your holidays or recreation, whatever form it takes, and remember that while you are trying to restore fitness to your mind and body, God is constantly re-creating your soul. God's plan is to give you a spiritual makeover, so that you become more like an ideal human being - in other words, more like Jesus. God's plan is to create a new heaven and a new earth. He started from the moment he was born, and the area where he is at work now is with all of us. Wherever you go at home or abroad God is with you, and a church will be near for worship. 

May I wish all who are going away over the next few weeks a refreshing and welcome time for recreation or should that be re- creation? 

Yours in Christ, 

Fr Roland