Fr Roland - June 2016

posted 4 Jul 2016, 04:12 by Richard Jones   [ updated 4 Jul 2016, 04:12 ]
Dear Friends,


 What kind of church do you want?  This is a difficult question, but, a very important one to ask, not just for the church today, but for the future church. 

 Everyone in the UNITED BENEFICE of MELLOR, BALDERSTONE & SAMLESBURY will be receiving two questionnaires which I hope will be taken seriously and answered and returned by a large percentage of residents in the communities. 

 Since the early church there has always been change...change in building design...  change in music and the way we conduct our worship, and that change still goes on today...BUT...I truly believe we are at a point in the life of the church that still falls behind in many ways and none more so than in our styles of worship. I grew up with a church that was three times on a Sunday using the 1662 Book of Common Prayer then came Series 1..2 & 3 now Common Worship...yet with all of these changes the church membership and people attending Sunday worship keeps on falling...WHY ? 

 One of the reasons being that the lifestyles of people have changed...the way we travel so easily today ...young peoples activities that take place on a Sunday… the list goes on. 

 Many who worship today are happy just `to stay as we are`… the question you then have to ask is...who replaces them when they have gone?  

 The answers that come back are very important and vital for the planning of the Church in the United Benefice. 

 If nothing is done and we just drift along then the future is bleak. PLEASE read and answer the questions honestly. 

 Is the church relevant or irrelevant ? 

Yours in Christ 

Fr Roland