April 2011

posted 30 Mar 2011, 10:27 by Richard Jones   [ updated 30 Mar 2011, 10:33 ]
The vicar writes .  .  .


ave you noticed just how many people only seem to be able to see problems?   No matter what you’re talking about, no matter what you’re doing, things are never right, there’s always going to be a problem.

      I was reading a book the other day and one of the things the author said has stuck in my mind.  He wrote:  “I live with a stronger hope for the possibilities that lie within things or situations or people”.

      And I was struck just how the idea of hidden possibilities demonstrates the way that Jesus looks at people.  You see, Jesus doesn’t only see what a man or woman is; he focuses on what we can become.  Jesus doesn’t only see the present reality of each person’s life, he sees more than that, he sees all the hidden possibilities for the future.

      Jesus’s decisions in choosing his disciples for instance, reflects his vision to see each individual’s hidden potential.  For instance, he looked at Peter and on the face of it he just saw a Galilean fisherman. But Jesus also saw a man who had it in him to become the rock on which the universal church would be built.

      You see, Jesus sees each one of us, not only as we are, but what we have the potential to become.  He says to us, “Give your life to me, and I will make you what you have it in you to become”.

      A story about seeing the hidden possibilities is told about Michelangelo, who was working in his studio one day when he noticed a little boy standing in awe at the doorway while the great artist and sculptor chiselled away at a block of marble.  Michelangelo continued to chip away and after a while the boy plucked up the courage to ask what he was doing.

      Michelangelo said, “Can’t you see it?  There’s an angel trapped in this big piece of rock and I’m chipping away all the bits that are not the angel so that I can set it free”.

      And it’s just like that with Jesus.  He is the supreme master craftsman who sees, and sets free, the hidden possibilities in all of us.


May God’s blessing be with you all