Amma Sue - November 2013

posted 9 Dec 2013, 09:32 by Richard Jones   [ updated 9 Dec 2013, 09:32 ]

Dear Friends,

It seems to be all go as we begin to enter the Advent season and the run up to Christmas!  I’m sure that at this time of the year there are many of you who are also feeling that the pace has speeded up after the summer break; Keat’s praise of autumn as a “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” seems something of a joke in our busy 21st century as autumn usually signals a return to the frenetic activity of our everyday life.  How easy it is in all the activity to put our spiritual life on hold “until we have more time.”

I’m told that John Wesley once wrote in his diary that as he was going to be very busy that day, he would have to spend an extra hour in prayer and this from a man who routinely began his day with an hour of prayer and bible study!  And no one could accuse John Wesley of not being busy.

Now we may not all have the stamina of that great man of God, but we can all take a lesson out of his book and make sure that rather than let our prayer life be squeezed out by our busy-ness, we take the time to be with God everyday.  For it is only as we take the time to build up our relationship with God that we can truly come to know God. Now, in order to build up any relationship we need to communicate.  It would be a funny kind of friendship if we didn’t take the time to be with and chat to our friend, and how strange a family we would have if we only spoke to each other “when we felt like it” or “when we had the time.”  Even sitting in silence together as friends and family can help strengthen and support the love we feel for each other. In just the same way it’s only in spending time with God that our relationship with God can be built up and strengthened.

However, even for “professional God-bother-ers” like me it’s not always possible to spend many hours a day in prayer and meditation; even though when life gets particularly stressful I have been known to long for the life of a hermit in a cave in Wales! And where there are many demands on our time and our attention, especially when we have the care of others to consider, half an hour on ones own can seem like something of a luxury.  Nevertheless, just five minutes a day concentrating our thoughts on God can bring great peace and great strength as it connects us with the God of eternity and time.  And we don’t need to think up the most perfect phrase or beautiful language; in fact we don’t need any words as all, just the quiet attentiveness of a heart fixed on God. 

So, why not begin by putting into the diary, everyday, a five minute appointment with God.  And you can be sure that God will always clear the diary for you!

With every blessing

Amma Sue