Amma Sue - February 2014

posted 6 Mar 2014, 01:14 by Richard Jones   [ updated 6 Mar 2014, 01:14 ]

Dear Friends, 

Money makes the world go round – or so the song from Cabaret tells us. And like it or not money plays an important part in all our lives and has done since the days when we ceased to exchange goods and services for other goods and services; even ‘ us religious maniacs’ who have taken a vow of poverty have to think about money and finances! I’m not someone who naturally enjoys dealing with issues of property and finance and I am always very pleased when someone else leaps in to sort them out. That’s why I am enormously grateful to all three treasurers for offering to take on the task of dealing with the accounts for each parish and now of course, across the United Benefice.   At this time of year especially they will all be busily, beavering away to produce the annual accounts in preparation for the Spring Annual Parochial Church Meetings.

Money, like politics and religion, is not something that we in the British Isles like to discuss across the dinner table; and it is money, along with possessions that most frequently causes feuding between families and separating couples. Jesus said that we cannot serve two masters, God and money.It may be something of a cliché but it is quite true that the last thing to be converted is our bank balance, as even the most enthusiastic of Christians keep a wary eye on the savings account. But money and finance in and of itself is a neutral concept, it’s not the money it’s what we do with it that is the problem. The big question is who is in control of our finances? As we seek God’s will for our lives are we seriously allowing God to have control of our money and possessions or are we really keep that part of our lives firmly under our own control? 

Called to be faithful disciples and good stewards of our time, talents and our finances we need to bring all aspects of our lives under God’s direction – including our ‘filthy lucre’! It has long been a fact that in many faith traditions, including our own, believers have set aside one tenth of their disposable income for God; in fact in Judaism charitable giving only begins when you have already given your tithe! 

Spring is traditionally a time of ‘taking stock’ and ‘spring cleaning’ so this time of year is a good time for us to ‘take stock’ of our walk with God. Who has control of our money and possessions?God?Us? Or is the truth of the matter that our money and possessions control us? Perhaps the time has come to set ourselves free and put God in charge. After all God knows and notes the fall of two sparrows and clothes the lilies of the field so we can be sure that God will be more than capable of looking after our/God’s money!

 With many blessings,

Amma Sue