Recycled Cards - great charity fundraising

posted 31 Jan 2013, 04:06 by Richard Jones

During the last year, from January to December 2012,

We have been able to give £809 to various Charities:-

January 2012   St Mary’s Church(In memory of John Gorman)           £200

                        Alzheimer’s Society (Jenny Beattie Fundraising)          £50

February          St Mary’s School FOSMS Pamper night                        £20

March              Alzheimer’s Society Coffee Morning                            £29

May                  Montgomery Heights Christian Care Centre

                        Zimbabwe                                                                     £50

                        Friends of Chernobyl Children                                      £50

                        Mothers’ Union Africa Appeal “Sums for Mums”           £40

                        MacMillan Cancer Support                                           £50

June                 Mellor St Mary School Gala Day (FOSMS)                   £20

July                 St Mary’s Church Youth Fellowship                              £10

                        Mellor St Mary’s Church BBQ                                      £200

September       McMillan Coffee Morning                                             £20

November         Mellor School- Children In Need                                  £20

December         Dr George -  Cleft Palate N W (India)                          £50

This brings the Grand Total of donations since we started making recycled cards back in November 2006 to


Thank you to each and every one of you who have enabled us to make these donations

Jean, Rita, Sheila, Sonia