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10.30 am Parish Communion

Amma Sue


Followed by Extraordinary Vestry Meeting


If you have young children we have a Children's Corner where there are bags of quiet toys which can also be used in your pew during the service.


6.30 pm Holy Communion

Amma Sue

Tuesday 15 April

9.30 am Holy Communion


Wednesday 16 April

7.00 pm Stations of the Cross

Amma Sue


Thursday 17 April

7.00 pm Eucharist – Stripping of the Altar

Amma Sue


Sunday 20 April

Easter Day

6.00 am Easter Vigil and Walk of Witness to the Moor

Amma Sue


10.30 am Easter Eucharist

Officiant to be confirmed


6.30 pm Easter Eucharist

Officiant to be confirmed






Mike Fields, Giles Tipton, Eileen Ridley, Deborah Renshaw



Monday 14 April

Benefice Office Hour 6.00 - 7.00 pm at the Vicarage, Mellor, for discussion of arrangements for Baptisms, Weddings, or any other spiritual matter.

Tuesday 15 April

Coffee Morning 10.00 – 11.30 am.



Tuesday 15 April

Passover Meal 7.00 pm. There are places available for those who would like to join the Church Together Passover Meal which this year is being held in St Mary's School.  Tickets are £5 and include a supper of Shepherd's Pie & Fruit Salad with 'tastes' of wine. A service booklet has been prepared by Amma Sue so that we are able to follow closely the rituals of a genuine Passover Meal. Please see Sonia or Rita as soon as possible.

Wednesday 16 April

Choir Practice 6.30 – 7.30 pm.


Parochial Church Council  -  URGENT

At the Vestry and Annual meetings held on Sunday 16 March, Graham and Jim resigned as Churchwardens and Stewart resigned as Treasurer.  Unfortunately, no-one has yet been willing to come forward to take their places and we now find ourselves in desperate and urgent need of volunteers.  To give more time to try to resolve this, they have agreed to continue in post on a strictly temporary basis, pending another meeting:

Extraordinary Vestry Meeting after morning service TODAY!!!

Everyone on the electoral roll is very welcome to attend. 


Holy Week and Easter Services Full details for the United Benefice are on the Notice Board.

FOSM’s Update We have a new event on the evening of Saturday 10 May: our first FOSM’s ‘FoodFest’.  Everyone is welcome to come along to sample food and wines from around the world.  A great family event, please save the date, more information on tickets, timings etc to follow.  All the money that FOSM’s raises goes directly to the school children.




Friday 25 April 7.00 – 9.30 pm. Art Exhibition Opening Event 

Tickets are now available from members of the Social & Fund Raising Committee (Debbie S, Janet, Sonia, Rita & Alan S). They cost £5 and include a glass of wine, nibbles, a catalogue of the paintings and the opportunity to view the exhibition.


Tuesday 13 May 'Crazy for You' at Thwaites Empire Theatre, Ewood.  Anyone wishing to go should see Rita for a ticket costing £10.  All are welcome to join us.

Sunday 8 June Confirmation date for the United Benefice.

If you wish to contribute anything to the notices please send an email to Chris Davis at by Thursday evening.

Please remember that there is a HEARING LOOP in Church and hearing aids have to be adjusted to the 'T' position to use it.