posted 30 Sept 2013, 07:54 by Richard Jones   [ updated 30 Sept 2013, 07:56 ]
As part of our fund-raising drive to pay for extensive repairs needed after raining-in caused dry rot and wet rot, Mellor Church Choir with the schoolchildren and lots of help are putting on a performance of LAST NIG
HT OF THE PROMS on Friday October 18th. Admission is by program, which are selling for a paltry £5.00/person.

Whilst we cannot promise you Nigel Kennedy or Luciano Pavarotti, we can promise you a full programme of entertainment with 3 countries of the UK being represented and some humorous interludes along with all the songs you know and love to sing along to.

Bring a union jack to wave and dress up if you feel like it, an evening of fun is guaranteed for all and refreshments at half-time, including a glass of wine, are included in the price.