Gala day

posted 20 Jun 2009, 15:58 by Richard Jones   [ updated 20 Jul 2009, 03:52 ]
Today's Gala day was very enjoyable, despite the dodgy weather.  A great barbeque - which wafted its inviting smells around the village long before arrival, a happy atmosphere with loads of stalls and competions to attract the pocket money of  both young and old. A castle for bouncing, a calf for naming, trained dogs to be admired, ginger cats to be cuddled, plants to purchase, coconuts to be shyed (if that's how you spell it?), toms to be bola'd , faces to be painted, and a host of other delights to be sampled. The whole thing rounded off by excellent music from the school orchestra - whose reditions in the past  I've found challenging but today were great. Well done one and all!

Mellor School Orchestra

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