Churchwarden’s Team

posted 15 Jun 2014, 00:50 by Richard Jones

As everyone will know, Graham and Jim resigned as Churchwardens in April.  Amma Sue and the Parochial Church Council have been trying to come up with a solution to this situation since then.  Graham has very generously offered to serve again, for one year only, despite also taking on the office of Treasurer.

 In order to make the role of Churchwarden more manageable, the members of the PCC have agreed to form a Churchwarden’s Team which will take responsibility for various tasks that have to be undertaken weekly, monthly or annually.  These will include the arrangements for morning and evening services on Sundays, beginning in July.  There will be two people present in the mornings, perhaps only one in the evenings, on an agreed rota basis.  The sidespersons will continue with their duties at services, as usual.

Please be patient with us if we make any mistakes until we get used to the new system!