posted 31 Mar 2010, 05:49 by Richard Jones
On Saturday 27th February, five of our older children attended a 'Young Leaders Workshop' held in Preston by the Diocese. Here's what they have said about the day.
"We learnt the skills of how to be a confident leader working with the younger children and had the opportunity to meet other people who play a similar role in other churches. We shared ideas and were given tips on how to become an effective leader. Overall the experience was very useful to our future leadership in Mellor Sunday School."
(Jessica Draper, Emily Bridge, Ella Salvato, Emma Dewhurst Luke Edwards)
Emily and Jess already help with the youngest class in Sunday School and Luke has now started to help with the boys in the middle class. In September, Emma and Ella will also become more involved in specific activities.
The Sunday School teachers feel it is important to involve the older children in this way and we will continue to work closely with all five'young leaders.'
Who knows, they may be the future Sunday School teachers!