January 2012

posted 30 Dec 2011, 00:57 by Richard Jones   [ updated 30 Dec 2011, 00:58 ]

Sunday School News

Happy New Year!


We return on Sunday 8th January in school.

Please come to Prize Giving in church on 15th January. Every child who has attended Sunday School this year will receive a prize. We have also introduced prizes for Youth Fellowship children and for the Choir children as all the Children’s Workers felt they should also have their attendance recognised at this service.

Christmas Party

We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas party. Thank you to everyone who helped with this, especially Father Christmas, who came along even though he was very busy.

Nativity and Christingle Service

A massive thank you to all the children for their hard work for this service. I am writing this before we have even reached the service so I can’t inform you how much we raised – will announce it at Prize Giving and we’ll have a full report in February magazine.


Don’t forget to bring in your 5p pieces for the Mite Scheme.

Sorry to bring it up, but can I also remind parents we have a collection in Sunday School each week. Some of the children have been a bit embarrassed when they haven’t got any pennies to put in.

Best wishes for 2012 xxx