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Junior Church October 2017

posted 1 Oct 2017, 08:05 by Richard Jones

New Timings

As you can see, the team and Rev. Charles have come up with a new direction to re-invigorate Junior church, and with God’s help, encourage new families and give all our families more opportunity to worship together. There are new Junior Church leaflets in the back of church which give all the information, our school families have all been given them and you can e-mail Debbie on and she can send it to you. We welcome children who come alone to our sessions in church, as we always have, we love to see them. Messy church is for all the family, whatever age, and for this children must be accompanied. See separate article for details.

Please pray for all these new ventures, that they will lead more families to St. Mary’s. 

Autumn Fair

Can you believe it’s that time again? Save the date11th November. We will as usual be having our teddy tombola and children’s games. Donations of cuddly/children’s toys and books can be given to the Junior church team or left at church and received with thanks.


Light of Christ – jars

Please save your jars for the children to decorate for our Advent service

Sunday School News for December 2015

posted 25 Nov 2015, 08:55 by Richard Jones


29th Nov – no Sunday school, Service at 4pm

 6th Dec - in school

13th Dec - in school

20th Dec - All Age Worship

24th Dec - Crib and Christingle service

Autumn Fair.

Thank you to everyone who helped/donated, It was lovely to see you all enjoying the stalls. Oliver Rolston was the winner of the ‘Sweets in a Jar’ competition

Taking Home the Light of Christ

Please come along to this lovely All Age Worship service. Everyone is welcome, young or old, in a group or on your own, let’s celebrate Advent together. There will be no Sunday School on that morning.

Christmas Party

This will be on the 16th Dec in school, 5.30 – 7.30. If you have not had a letter please ask a Sunday School teacher. All children who have attended during this year are welcome.


If anyone has any costumes which are too small we’d like to ask if you could donate them to us so we have a supply which can be borrowed if needed.

At time of press we are just finalising this. If your child can’t come to the Christingle service but has been asked to take part in the nativity it’s important that you let us know. Thanks.

May God bless you all this Christmas time.

Love and best wishes from all the team.

May 2012

posted 1 May 2012, 14:10 by Richard Jones

Sunday School News



6th May – no Sunday School

13th May – Lesson in School

20th April.- Church, A.A.W.

27th May– Lesson in school

We welcome Angela Whalley who is currently completing a Teacher Training Course.  Angela now helps at Sunday School to support her teaching experience.


Rose Queen Tilly + All Age Worship 20th May

Everyone a t Sunday School would like to say an enormous thank you to Tilly, Alannah, Charlotte, James and Harrison. You have worked so hard to fulfil all your duties this year and have been superb representatives of Mellor. I’m sure I speak for all the parishioners when I say we have been extremely proud of you all. To finish her year, Tilly will lead our May All Age Worship, telling us about her year and her charity.


Fundraiser for Children’s corner.

Sadly, the Jamie Oliver night was very poorly attended, with only half a dozen people present. This means that we actually made a loss on the night. Thanks to Kate Rolston for organising this on behalf of the Youth Fellowship children. Get your thinking caps on for other ideas to raise some money for your Childrens Corner.


Don’t forget, we’d love to see any new children, come and join us on any Sunday morning.

From all the teachers xx


January 2012

posted 30 Dec 2011, 00:57 by Richard Jones   [ updated 30 Dec 2011, 00:58 ]

Sunday School News

Happy New Year!


We return on Sunday 8th January in school.

Please come to Prize Giving in church on 15th January. Every child who has attended Sunday School this year will receive a prize. We have also introduced prizes for Youth Fellowship children and for the Choir children as all the Children’s Workers felt they should also have their attendance recognised at this service.

Christmas Party

We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas party. Thank you to everyone who helped with this, especially Father Christmas, who came along even though he was very busy.

Nativity and Christingle Service

A massive thank you to all the children for their hard work for this service. I am writing this before we have even reached the service so I can’t inform you how much we raised – will announce it at Prize Giving and we’ll have a full report in February magazine.


Don’t forget to bring in your 5p pieces for the Mite Scheme.

Sorry to bring it up, but can I also remind parents we have a collection in Sunday School each week. Some of the children have been a bit embarrassed when they haven’t got any pennies to put in.

Best wishes for 2012 xxx


November birthdays

posted 30 Oct 2010, 00:22 by Richard Jones

Birthdays from the baptism and Sunday School registers for November are:

 1st        Mollie Turner                           21st       Thomas Dixon

1st         Hayden Goldsworthy                26th      Zoe Woodward

3rd        Rebecca Pilkington                  27th      George Barnes

18th      Caitlin Slater                          

April Birthdays

posted 31 Mar 2010, 05:54 by Richard Jones   [ updated 31 Mar 2010, 06:23 ]

Birthdays from the baptism and Sunday School registers for April are:
2nd    Molly Baron         15th    Albert Moss Evans
5th    Olivia Hussey       15th    Cara Salvato,
5th    Leo Brown            17th    Jacob Waddicor
7th    Matthew Cooper    19th    Peter Walmsley
10th    Oliver Rolston      20th    Alexander Bedford
11th    Hannah Pickering 21st    Jessica Smith
12th    Joshua Jarrald       


posted 31 Mar 2010, 05:49 by Richard Jones

On Saturday 27th February, five of our older children attended a 'Young Leaders Workshop' held in Preston by the Diocese. Here's what they have said about the day.
"We learnt the skills of how to be a confident leader working with the younger children and had the opportunity to meet other people who play a similar role in other churches. We shared ideas and were given tips on how to become an effective leader. Overall the experience was very useful to our future leadership in Mellor Sunday School."
(Jessica Draper, Emily Bridge, Ella Salvato, Emma Dewhurst Luke Edwards)
Emily and Jess already help with the youngest class in Sunday School and Luke has now started to help with the boys in the middle class. In September, Emma and Ella will also become more involved in specific activities.
The Sunday School teachers feel it is important to involve the older children in this way and we will continue to work closely with all five'young leaders.'
Who knows, they may be the future Sunday School teachers!

The answers to the harvest lunch quiz

posted 16 Oct 2009, 08:01 by Richard Jones   [ updated 16 Oct 2009, 08:12 ]


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